How to Create Industrial Advertising That Sells

Image of Ad: Ogilvy How to create Industrial Advertising that sells


With this advertisement, Ogilvy and Mather position themselves as an expert in the field of advertising.  They provide advice to customers, which they would receive nowhere else regarding message, procurement and placement.  You can see they use their own advice in their advertisement.  They use examples of being successful with customers, they use a corporate design similar to their other advertisements, do not use a spread, do not use 4 color, etc.

This is simply a well thought out advertisement, full of information positioning the company as an advertising expert.  They do more that say “We’re Experts” as nearly every company does, they prove it.

I found this advertisement on

Power of Leadership

It’s important to show leadership. Leaders are assumed to be innovators, have quality products, be excellent and have vision. Leaders are not losers, not short sighted, don’t leave you helpless.

Make sure you are a leader.

BMW Congratulates Audi

A few years back BMW, Audi and Subaru made some noise by poking each other in a game of one-up-manship.

BMW started with:

BMW congratulated their competition on winning an award and then cited their own award.  This is an easy positioning exercise.  Superiority in a large market (the world) than that of a smaller market (South Africa) in the mindn of the consumer.

Can you use this example in your own industrial business?  Are you leading a market or category somewhere? Can you use this to influence potential buyers?

The Gasket Makers’ Positions

As gaskets really seem to be an interesting topic,  I looked into the top gasket makers’s websites.

What are their positions?


Freudenberg is a family company offering its customers technically challenging product solutions and services.

Not really a position, but at least they are not trying to save the environment or the future generations of the planet.

SKF welcomes everyone to their site with “Welcome” signs and a “we are helping the climate” flash special, news about their participation in a solar racer event, and a great news article about their solutions for one of Chile’s largest open pit copper mine – pictures included!

[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]

Quite a juxtaposition, which I find quite amusing.  Regardless, buried in their site they mention SKF has acquired two important European and the largest US American seal manufacturers.

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Gasket Follow Up

So, my analysis of the gasket market was based on me not thinking too much. Obviously, a bit of caffeine was missing. I did a bit of research and found a list of gasket and seals manufacturers. Apparently, Freudenberg, SKF, Federal-Mogul, and Cooper are among the leading competitors in the market. In a fragmented market (there are many, many more companies) it would be wise to stake out a leading position in this market.

Bialetti was not on the list, 🙁

Is someone missing out? World’s number one gasket manufacturer.

After swapping the gasket out of my stove top espresso machine, I started to wonder who the heck makes these things?  Like any normal person these days I looked to Google.  A search for

world’s number one manufacturer of gaskets

gave no definitive answer.  The number one gasket manufacturer in the world is missing out.  So are all other number one gasket manufacturers for their categories.

On top of that they are all missing out.  Brand your gaskets.  Print your brand on the gasket.  Gaskets are a real commodity.  You rarely see them, they all look the same and seem to be easily interchangeable as long as the size is correct*.  But if I knew that the gasket in my espresso machine was from Bialetti, I am sure I would choose a Bialetti over a no name and pay 25% more.

My message for the gasket manufacturers, print or emboss your name on your gaskets and enjoy a premium price.

*My quick analysis of the gasket market is very, overly and entirely simplified and does not apply to rocket science.