Is someone missing out? World’s number one gasket manufacturer.

After swapping the gasket out of my stove top espresso machine, I started to wonder who the heck makes these things?  Like any normal person these days I looked to Google.  A search for

world’s number one manufacturer of gaskets

gave no definitive answer.  The number one gasket manufacturer in the world is missing out.  So are all other number one gasket manufacturers for their categories.

On top of that they are all missing out.  Brand your gaskets.  Print your brand on the gasket.  Gaskets are a real commodity.  You rarely see them, they all look the same and seem to be easily interchangeable as long as the size is correct*.  But if I knew that the gasket in my espresso machine was from Bialetti, I am sure I would choose a Bialetti over a no name and pay 25% more.

My message for the gasket manufacturers, print or emboss your name on your gaskets and enjoy a premium price.

*My quick analysis of the gasket market is very, overly and entirely simplified and does not apply to rocket science.


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