The Gasket Makers’ Positions

As gaskets really seem to be an interesting topic,  I looked into the top gasket makers’s websites.

What are their positions?


Freudenberg is a family company offering its customers technically challenging product solutions and services.

Not really a position, but at least they are not trying to save the environment or the future generations of the planet.

SKF welcomes everyone to their site with “Welcome” signs and a “we are helping the climate” flash special, news about their participation in a solar racer event, and a great news article about their solutions for one of Chile’s largest open pit copper mine – pictures included!

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Quite a juxtaposition, which I find quite amusing.  Regardless, buried in their site they mention SKF has acquired two important European and the largest US American seal manufacturers.

Federal Mogul doesn’t mess with the environment, or at least claim to.  It adheres to dangerous practice of extolling the virtues of its competitors

Technology and Innovation

Quality Excellence

Driving Excellence

Cooper? Can’t find them in Google.  They obviously don’t exist. #4 in the market is a tough position to hold

Companies which have a position don’t need a me too message. First in a product category proves technology and innovation.  Leaders of categories have quality and excellence.  How could a company become leader without either of these traits.

Stop being all things, focus on one position and your customers with provide you the reasons for your success.


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